Rustic Wooden Drink Cooler


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This Rustic Wooden Cooler is the perfect drink holder for your outdoor party.  The 48-quart cooler holds up to 76 cans of your favorite ice cold beverages.  The attached wheels on one end allow you to pull the drink chest into place without having to carry it.  It also has a handy storage area underneath to hold those extra drinks for your very thirsty guests.  And, at the end of the party, the cooler features a spigot to easily empty the melted ice.  The base unit comes with a spigot, a lid handle and a carry handle, so don't forget to customize your cooler with our extensive list of accessories, including bottle openers, towel holders, and decorations.  You can also personalize it with either cast iron letters or a branded message.  The Rustic Wooden Cooler measures approximately 40-inches tall by 30-inches wide by 18-inches deep, and weighs about 50-pounds.  This cooler is made of natural wood, and as a result each one we make right here in North Texas is unique.  Your cooler may be slightly different than the one pictured, but the overall look and functionality will be the same.  Proud to be Made in America.

  • Height: 40"
  • Length:  30"
  • Width:  18"
  • Weight: 50-lbs
  • Volume: 48-quart

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING for this item:  In recent years, the major freight companies have begun charging not only based on weight but also volume for packages.  This is the reason you see so many items that must be "assembled" once you receive them.  For our Rustic Wooden Cooler, we determined that the structural integrity of the unit would be adversely affected by designing it with the customer having to assemble it.  So, with that in mind, don't be too surprised by the shipping cost.  For local Dallas, TX area customers, delivery is still free!